Tips for Designing a Healthy Workspace

Tips for Designing a Healthy Workspace

Have you decided it’s time to set up an office in your home? Whether you work from home or you have a busy household and finances to manage, a dedicated home office can generally lend itself to high productivity levels. Take these recommendations from the design professionals to configure your office space to be both esthetically pleasing and well-functioning. There are several key components to home offices that can translate into a healthy work environment. This is particularly important if you will be spending substantial time in the space.

If you have a separate room to dedicate to a home office you’re among the fortunate few. Many opt for having a guest bedroom space double as a home office. This can actually work out very well. If the guest room space is seldom used, it’s preferable to have a sleeper sofa. You can enjoy the sofa during a respite from work; it has a smaller footprint than a queen size bed and can be just as comfortable for guests as a queen bed.

Use this as an opportunity to apply a fresh coat of paint in the space. Select a soft shade and plan to apply at least two coats. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupon and enjoy the value and selection of paints offered by  Home Depot. Prepare the space for painting by removing all of the furnishing and placing drop cloths of the floor covering. Allow the paint to fully cure for at least two day prior to returning furnishings to the space.

One of the most important components of a healthy and well-designed home office is a large desk or table that can accommodate your laptop and necessary peripherals. Invest in a quality chair that provides the support and comfort necessary to maintain strong posture while sitting. If the configuration of the room will allow, place the desk or table under a window to enjoy as much natural light while working as possible. Add a desk lamp and office supplies and you’ve succeeded in creating a comfortable and welcoming home office space.

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